Cellulite- Is it really permanent?

Does Cellulite have to be for life? Is there any way to rid ourselves from this awful condition?

Between 80 and 90% of women will experience cellulite in their lives That is a huge proportion of women. It is not as common in men, primarily because men and women typically have different levels of connective tissue. 

Cellulite has many different names, and comes in three grades. The simplest is an uneven skin, quite lumpy, a bit like Orange peel. Next comes more lumpy, like cottage cheese. Finally, is the more severe type, which is reminiscent of a mattress. 

All of these can be eliminated through the use of Sonic rays. High frequency pulsating sound waves will break down the underlying fat, and will cause collagen to be created in its place, evening the skin. The worst grade you have, the more sessions it will take, but, the good news is that we can eliminate it, if not entirely (for the very worst grade) at least very nearly.

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