About Body Dreams

Body Dreams is based in Wells, Somerset, and we specialise in state-of-the-art weight loss technology. With more than 20 years of experience, we do not promote any crash diets or unrealistic exercise regimes, we work alongside you to help you achieve your dream body or weight at a pace that best suits you. 

Our primary function is to help you to lose that stubborn fat that just won’t budge. We use cold lasers, which target fat deposits and melt away fat in areas such as around the belly, love handles, thigh fat, and double chins. The benefits of our treatments are that they are non-surgical, non-invasive, and they require zero recovery time. 

Body Dreams are committed to promoting and encouraging healthy lifestyles too, as we know how easily it can be to fall back into bad habits. We provide bespoke nutrition plans for our clients, therefore, you can maintain your new, healthy figure, with weight gain being a thing of the past.

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